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Out With the Old, In With the New

It's a new year and the world is full of possibilities. One of the things that became crystal clear to me in 2011, is that I was afraid to die. Not a physical death, but a mental death. When God began showing me His plans for me, my first reaction was fear, which is quite contrary to the faith that I believed I had. So, I began to pray for the wisdom to understand my resistance.
I realized that by going into new and unknown territory, I was leaving my comfort zone. Even though the baggage I carried around weighed me down and hurt me, I had grown accustomed to the pain. It wasn't comfortable, but it was familiar and easy. I knew that doing a new thing was going to be hard and I was going to have to drop the dead weight.
In basic terms, this iteration of my life has to die in order for me to live the new life He has for me, which is really the only life that He ever intended for me. I have to get back to what I was created to do and who I was created to be. I have to spend time wi…



Speak On It!

I now know what I must do. I've got to stop looking at everything that is wrong with me and speaking on it. I have learned that the more I say those things, the more they show up in my life.
No wonder I haven't been able to lose weight or get healthy this year, I'm too busy speaking negativity over my life: Look at my stomach - I can't stand it!
No wonder I don't have the energy or willpower to get up and move or eat right, I am a self-fulfilling prophecy: Oh my God, I'm so tired, I can barely move.
Instead of trying a new diet, watching another weight loss show, or picking up another you-can-do-it-book, I am going to study the Word, believe the Word, and speak the Word over this temple. It has worked for me in every other area of my life...what have I got to lose? Um...weight, negative thoughts, emotional baggage!
Ladies, whatever the most challenging part of your alignment is—whether it be mind, body, or spirit, or a mixture of them—it's time to speak over y…

Faith vs. Fear

It's time to face your fears and stare them down with faith! The verse this week is my favorite verse because it set me free about a year ago. I was worried about whether or not my business would succeed, whether I was being a good Mother, where money was going to come from, whether I would write my book, and many other fears clouded my mind. Then, I read that verse. I read it every day for months, and then I prostrated and prayed that verse and cried out to God for Him to do it. And you know what—He did it!
How many times do you go into what I like to call "analysis paralysis" because you are afraid to move forward in an area of your life? You make excuses not to go after something new or step into unfamiliar territory because you just don't know enough about it? That's not always you taking the time to perform your due diligence, sometimes it's just FEAR—plain and simple. 
F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. I always found that acronym fascinating, sin…

Rest In Peace

I believe that sometimes you teach the lessons that you most need to learn. Over the past month, I have sent this verse to several women who are go-getters, movers and shakers—mothers, students, ministers, wives, caregivers—you know—women like you and me. I also sent this to a client, after she had gone 48 hours without sleep, so that she could finish a project. She said, “Wow! I think you just told me off with scripture. I hate to see what The Message translation looks like."
So, here it is:
"If God doesn't build the house, the builders only build shacks.  If God doesn't guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap.  It's useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone.  Don't you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?"  
Psalm 127:1–2 
Wow, indeed! When I read the translation this morning, I checked myself. As usual, I've been working hard—keeping house, taking care of my son, running a business, being a…

The Temptations Are More Than A Singing Group

This week's inspiration is the final 'T' in the Word that He gave me to kick off our journey, and it may be the most important: Temptation. 
When you decided to live in your Truth, the devil got angry and when you decided to Transform, he got downright indignant. When you decided to put your Trust in Him, the enemy greased his face, took off his jewelry, and got ready for a fight! Now, he's going to tempt you. 
I am being tempted, and perhaps you are, too. My business has grown exponentially over the past couple of weeks, and I find myself slipping back into old behavioral patterns: working too many hours, not eating right, sleeping less, spending less quality time with family.
I've had to pause and ask myself: What am I doing? Why am I allowing the enemy to take me to a place where I already know the end game? I'm not weak, I'm in my Word, I'm consistent in my prayer life—but, the enemy knows me. He knows my weak points, and I've learned that only som…

In God We Trust

That's right—now that we've acknowledged our Truth and begun our Transformation, going forward we have to Trust Him and know that His will for us will manifest itself. As you walk this journey, there will be times of stumbling and getting up again, there will be moments of weakness followed by moments of strength, and yes—there will be moments of doubt. As you prepare yourself to run this race, when those times come upon you, you have to remember that only He knows the plans that He has for you. Plans not to harm you, but to give you hope and a future. 

You have to Trust Him when you push your body to the limit. You have to Trust Him when your loved ones don't understand the Transformation that is occurring in you. You have to Trust Him when your co-workers stab you in the back. You have to Trust Him when a family member is sick and you don't know His reasons for allowing them to suffer. You have to Trust Him and GET OUT OF THE BOAT!

That's right, ladies. It's ti…

Transformers, Roll Out

Now that we have defined our Truth, it's time for Transformation. Once you embrace your Truth, you are never the same. You can no longer go on living the way you have always lived because now you know there is a different path. Transformation is the next natural step. 

The Bible provides examples of self-actualization and transformation, and what happens when we begin to see ourselves as He sees us. David regarded himself as a sheepherder until Samuel told Him the plans that God had for him. Once David defeated the giant, he had the realization that, indeed, he had it in him to become a king. 
Abraham and Sarah saw themselves as old and no longer had dreams of having children. But, once they stepped out of their familiar place and saw themselves as God saw them, He blessed them with Isaac. 
Moses was an abandoned child who became a prince of Egypt. His mother gave him away, he was adopted, his parents kept the truth from him, and he found out that he wasn't who he thought he was—…

The Truth Shall Set You Free

If you are going to be successful on this journey, it's time to tell it like it is…to yourself. In order to get to the place that God has for you, you have to be willing to do some soul searching and be honest about your situation.

Those extra pounds aren't coming off because of a lie that you've been perpetuating: “I'll start eating right tomorrow” or “I'm hungry right now, I'll just grab something quick and get back on my diet tomorrow.”
Your physical challenge may be related to something deeper that is tied to your childhood or a past relationship. Whatever it is, it's time to come clean with yourself.
God already knows your truth; He's just waiting on you to come around. He knows the plans that He has for you. Plans not to harm you, to give you hope and a future. It's time to look at yourself and see what He sees. This is your time.
MIND:  Every morning, before you jump out of bed and start your day, lay back and close your eyes for a moment and as…

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You cannot do it by yourself. 
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