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Ashes to Ashes

I recently read a post where a woman shared a letter that she wrote to her younger self. I decided to do the same. It's short and sweet but it would have changed my life. 

I hope that it changes yours. If not, share it. You may be helping someone that you don't even know. Be the light.

____________ Dear Me,
What they did to you is not your fault. You are broken now but don't take a lifetime putting yourself back together. The blessing is in the breaking. 

What they did to you was wrong but don't use all of your energy hating them. Use that same energy to rebuild the life that you think you've lost. Vengeance belongs to God. 

And while I'm talking about Him, He didn't do this to you. Don't be angry with Him. He held your Spirit in His arms to protect you and keep you. His mercy is the reason that you are still here . . . standing and growing stronger year after year. Do not worry about what they did to your Body because your Spirit is strong and alive. 

They ma…