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Love >Fear

During my twilight sleep this morning I heard, "Perfect love casts out fear." I'd fallen asleep last night asking God to help me overcome a few challenges in my life and this was His answer. I love when His answer is so clear and so specific, yet not what I expected to hear at all. He knows my heart better than I do and apparently I'm afraid.

I shared in my last post, It's On, that I've consciously taken on the battle of reclaiming my body after years of abuse. As you know, I have a history of molestation, rape, and physical abuse. Like you, I've also experienced other trauma and sadness in my life. The pain of these experiences is tied up in my Body. That's not to say that my Mind and Spirit weren't affected but I've already won those major battles.

Seven months ago, I decided to take my power back so I joined a martial arts studio. This past weekend I earned my Yellow 2 belt. I surprised myself. The intensity of my fighting was a direct resu…

It's On!

I've found that my healing is a journey. It's not a destination, it's a process. Each time I think I've arrived I find that there is more work to do. Once I conquered my Mind, I fought to return to Spirit. Now I'm fighting for my Body.

When I was on the battlefield of my Mind I thought it was the worst battle of my life. As I fought to regain control of my thoughts, change my beliefs, and reroute the negativity I tired easily. It's difficult to unlearn what has taken a lifetime to acquire. Yet I kept pushing and praying, crying and laughing, fighting and winning. I learned that I'm stronger than the enemy would have me believe.

Once I won that battle of my Mind I knew that I could go deeper and fight to return to Spirit. It was a fight to resurrect myself. If I had known that going in, I'm not so sure that I would have taken on the fight. I told God that I was ready to change and let go of ALL of the things that kept me trapped. It took seven years to …