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What is RIGHT With You?


How Bad Do You Want It?

The video in this week’s entry was sent to me months ago, yet I have kept it as a constant reminder that what He has for me is for me, and that I am the only one who can keep myself from getting it.

When I am weary from fighting, when I fall asleep crying, when I cry out to Him for help, when I feel like giving up, when my friends disappear, I ask myself: How bad do you want it? I then take it one step further and ask: How bad do I want Him?
He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Every time I find myself faltering or getting weak, I realize it is because I have not been spending enough time with Him. Sometimes, I have even been guilty of trying to make things happen on my own. Have you ever heard from Him and then thought that things weren’t moving along fast enough, so you decided to take matters into your own hands, only to find yourself lost again?
I need some honest people to give me an “Amen” on that one. You know that you’re a control freak, but you love God. You know t…