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Knee Deep

Hello. It's me. I've been recovering from injuries and not writing the blog, I'm sorry. I hope that you'll see it. I've been dreaming about this entry for weeks and so here it is, please read it. . .

Well, it's been a few months and there's so much going on. As you may have read in another post, I've been training in Krav Maga for the past year or so. Last November, I tested for my orange belt. Got it! But, at what cost?

I tore my rib cage and blew out my knee. Now before you start thinking, she's s a bad ass (I am), let me explain.

I injured my knee about nine years ago and I've received treatment on and off during that time. As I progressed in my training the pain grew worse but I just popped an ibuprofen, drank some pineapple juice and kept it moving. I also wore a wrap and a brace to prevent further injury.

As fate would have it, both my brace and my wrap flew off (literally) during my orange belt test. I didn't want to lose points for …