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The Power of One

Over the years, I tried many things to align my body and get healthier: diets, gym memberships, cleanses, martial arts, not eating, and so on. However, this year was different. I asked Him what I should do and to my surprise, He directed me to a personal trainer. I immediately asked, “Are you sure, Lord? Because you know my attitude.” And immediately, He answered, “That’s exactly why I want you to do it. There is power in one.”
The holy trinity is ONE. Your mind, body, and spirit are ONE person. All of these things are a part of YOU. Imagine what you could do in your life if you harnessed the POWER of the ONE that lives in you.
Recently, I told a dear friend about my journey with L.A.M.B.S. and the vision that God gave to me, and she said, “You know it will be just you and Him. It’s just going to be you and God on this journey. Are you going to be okay with that?” To my surprise, I am. I have realized that people will come and go in my life, and that is fine. However, the one thing that…