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I was watching an episode of What Not to Wear yesterday. Hey, don’t judge me. I like fashion and I like seeing Cinderella stories. Anyway, the episode was about a woman named Dolly. She was on the show because her friends recommended her for a makeover. Well . . . while she was going through the mandatory clothes shopping and aesthetic makeover, she had a seminal moment. 
Each time the hosts mentioned to her that she was pretty and each time they asked her why she didn’t think so or why she didn’t feel that she was worthy of doing something nice for herself, she clammed up and got emotional. Eventually she let it out. 
She was sexually abused as a child and one of the effects of that abuse was that she covered her body and dressed like a man to make herself less attractive and less noticeable. WOW! This was a woman who I’m guessing was in her forties or fifties at the time of filming. Yet, there she stood with tears in her eyes and with the small voice of a child, admitting that she had…

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