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I'd rather be like Jesus

I originally posted this on Facebook but I know all of you don't follow me there. So, I decided to post here. I'm feeling some type of way today.

Every April, we acknowledge #sexualabuse and that's a good thing. People need to know that millions of people are sexually assaulted EVERY month, EVERY day, EVERY minute, around the world.

I do not choose to fight for better laws or advocate for longer prison sentences. I choose to focus on the healing journey of the people who have been violated. Passing laws and advocating longer prison sentences for the offenders / attackers does absolutely nothing to help the victims who are struggling to live a 'normal' life every day.

Raising money to fight the government is for some people, it's just not for me. I choose to do the hard work, the heavy lifting of talking to women, just like me, who have felt like their lives were taken from them. People whose innocence was snatched from them, whose joy was robbed, whose spirits…