DYM: The Wonder Years

I wonder how much different things would be
Dear younger me

Our minds have the ability to dream about the future and remember the past. 

I’d bet that most of us spend our time thinking about what we could have or should have done differently. We spend countless hours, days, and years replaying events and wondering what would have happened if we made a different choice. We ask ourselves questions like:
  • What if I’d fought harder?
  • What if I’d gone to school when I had the chance?
  • What if I’d asked for more money when I took the job?
  • What if I’d stayed instead of leaving?
  • What if I’d left when it happened the first time?
  • What if I’d chosen a different profession?
  • What if I’d chosen a different mate?
  • What if . . . and the list goes on.

We spend the precious time that we have now running through scenarios that could have, maybe, possibly changed our current situation. We play the blame game. We cry. We get angry. We. Waste. Time. 

I believe the only reason we should reflect on our former decisions is to learn from them. Every choice we’ve made hasn’t been a bad choice, it’s just easier for us to point those out. But what have we learned?

God knows, I could have done better. I could have been smarter. Wiser. But here I am . . . now what? 

Today, I thank God for experience and wisdom. I’m proactive instead of reactive. I weigh my options. I use wisdom. I think about consequences. I ask myself: Is it wise? Will it take me closer to fulfilling my destiny? Will it hurt me or anyone else?

I’ve learned to trust my gut – my instincts. To trust the only voice that matters – that still small voice that reminds me of who I am and whose I am. 

When I listen to that voice, I know that no matter what decision I make it’s all working together for my good. I get excited about my future. I make plans. I consider my options. 

I dream. I plan. I pray. And then, I move. 


  1. Excellent! I believe we all wonder "what if". This was a good introspective look at all people. We must believe all is for the greater good. If for no other reason other than we cannot go back. Onward and upward! K.I.M.

  2. You are right about this. Think of what you can learn instead of spending so much time on the "what ifs".


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