DYM: Mercy Me

Dear younger me
Where do I start?

Have you ever heard a song that hit you in the gut like a well-choreographed jab from a seasoned fighter? A song that you can’t stop singing because the lyrics resonate with every part of your life?

Dear Younger Me by MercyMe is one of those songs. The first time I heard it, I had such a visceral reaction that I thought I might have to pull over and steady myself. By the fourth verse I was a sobbing mess and could barely see the road. The line touched a place so deep in my Spirit that I knew God was speaking to me. I still tear up when I hear it.

I bought the song and played it on repeat for weeks. Sometimes for hours a day. Weird, right? I thought so . . . until I realized that those words were opening up some part of me that closed long ago. The entire song was a prayer or was it an answered prayer?

It brought up memories and feelings that I didn’t know I had. It also made me think – what would I tell my younger self if I had the chance? I wrote a long list of lessons learned. But mostly, I thought about you. I considered that other women might benefit from my lessons. And thus, the Dear Younger Me series of the blog. 

I don’t have a plan for what this may look like. But I do have intention. And that is to share my experience with you and hope that God will speak to you as He’s speaking to me. I pray that He opens up places in you that closed long ago. That you’ll have your own a-ha moments, prayers, and tears. I declare that liberty will overtake you and you will be free from bondage and that yokes will be destroyed. 

I don’t know where this series will go but I hope you’ll go with me. There’s so much to tell you. The question is – where do I start?


  1. I'm looking forward to the series. Thank you for continuing to share what God places on you.


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